The Modern Customer Journey

Welcome to a new series on the blog! Throughout this six part series, we’re going to give you insight into the modern customer journey and their experience toward purchasing a product or service. As the world continues to move exponentially faster into the digital world, understanding how modern sales works is vital for business success.

Introduction (Part 1) – This Post

Awareness (Part 2)

Findability (Part 3)

Reputation (Part 4)

Conversion (Part 5)

Advocacy (Part 6)

The Modern Customer Journey

An Overview

Labels are a funny thing, aren’t they? I’m a Millennial (some might say Xennial) from the plains of central Kansas. Born on a small sheep farm, there are many elements of that experience that firmly put me in the Millennial camp. I’m curious, entrepreneurial, tech-confident, and like instant gratification. I was young when we got internet in the house, knew the sound of dial-up internet, spent time in chatrooms, and was in college when Facebook debuted. While younger, I spent more time listening to tapes and 8 tracks than CDs growing up, never watched a lot of movies, and remember landlines and calling for movie times.

I also remember getting the phone book and always being excited about the new coupons for pizza and Blockbuster rentals.

Fast forward a few decades and we’ll see that the modern customer journey has changed. Now, we have everything confined to a phone that’s more powerful than the computer that sent people to the moon. The rapid pace of technology change necessitates a change in the way businesses attract clients.

The Road to 100 Million Subscribers

In the hectic pace of life, sometimes we forget how quickly things are changing. So as we make our way through the customer journey, keep these stats in your head, the amount of time it took the following technologies to reach 100 million subscribers. (Keep in mind it to radio 37 years to reach 50 million, and television 13 years to do the same).

  •  Netflix – 18 years
  • Spotify – 11 years
  • Twitter – 5 years
  • Facebook – 4.5 years
  • Instagram – 2.5 years
  • YouTube – 1.5 years
  • TikTok – 9 months
  • ChatGPT – 2 months
  • Threads – 5 days

A preview

With technology changing so quickly, it’s no surprise that the modern customer journey has changed. We’ve gone from multi-volume yellow pages to one-click shopping in less than a generation. Businesses at the forefront of change understand this, and know how to implement the modern customer journey into their growth plan. Throughout this series, we’ll explore how you as a business need to adapt to grow, thrive, and succeed in this environment.

Stay tuned!