Modern Customer Journey: Findability

 We’re continuing our look at the modern customer journey. Throughout this six part series, we’re going to give you insight into how consumers think and decide on purchasing a product or service. As the world continues to move exponentially faster into the digital world, understanding how modern sales works is vital for business success.

Introduction (Part 1)

Awareness (Part 2)

Findability (Part 3) – This Post

Reputation (Part 4)

Conversion (Part 5)

Advocacy (Part 6)

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Okay, okay, okay, so maybe findability isn’t a word per se but it does have a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? Findability is really about how easily your customers can find you when they need you.

Start with accurate listings online work on getting listed on as many sites and search engines as possible. (We average getting clients on over fifty different industry specific website search engines).

Why start here?

Because you want your customers to be able to find you no matter where they are searching. Plus, an added benefit, is that it improves your Google Business ranking organically. 

From there, expand your findability to include the myriad of other ways customers are looking for your business. They might need to ask for directions, so having an accurate GPS listing is important. Maybe they have a smart car and want to find you with in-car navigation. If so, getting listed on car manufacturing websites (Ford, Chevy) can be important so they can find you that way. “Near me” searches are also popular, especially if you are in a trade business. (Think “plumbers near me” or “electricians” near me. Here in Bakersfield where summer days are long and usually over 100+, “HVAC technicians near me” are also important). Spend time thinking like your customer and answer they question, “What will they search for when they are in need?”

Knowing the answer to that tells you how to increase your findability.

Lead In Local SEO

You’ve probably heard of SEO before (which stands for Search Engine Optimization), but you may not know why it’s important.

Think of it this way. Your findabililty for those people searching in the “near me” categories is your SEO. When someone in your city Google’s a need they have, “Maid services near me”, your ability to appear in search results is directly related to your SEO or “findability.” The more places you show up, the more information you have about your services, the more customer interactions you have, the more accurate listings, the more search engines like Google will push you to the top of those search results.

Understand The Grid

One of the services that we recently rolled out is a grid-like view of your city with your key SEO terms (see the picture below).

The benefit is that you get to see visually how you’re ranking, not just in your city, but in specific regions of the city. You’ll be able to gain valuable customer data by understanding where people are coming from to buy your product so you can produce more relatable content, tweak a social media strategy, or expand into new markets.

 Increasing your findability increases the liklihood that potential customers find (and interact) with your content.

Take Action

 Here’s the best news: increasing findability is really easy. Our platform gives you a single place to sign-on, enter your Company information, and update it with just a few clicks. No endless hunts for passwords, no remember which sites you’re listed on, we do it all for you, seamlessly. Once your business is more findable, it’s time for the next step in the modern customer journey: reputation.


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