Modern Customer Journey: Conversion

 We’re continuing our look at the modern customer journey. Throughout this six part series, we’re going to give you insight into how consumers think and decide on purchasing a product or service. As the world continues to move exponentially faster into the digital world, understanding how modern sales works is vital for business success.

Introduction (Part 1)

Awareness (Part 2)

Findability (Part 3)

Reputation (Part 4)

Conversion (Part 5) – This Post

Advocacy (Part 6)

Conversion image

Conversion means sales

So far, our journey through the modern customer journey has just been talking about potential customers. 

First, they were aware of a need.

Second, they did a search to help them solve the problem.

Third, they reviewed your online reputation.

Finally satisfied, they are ready to make a purchase.

Welcome to every business owners favorite part of the process: conversion.

Online and in stores

Be honest: are you part of the crazy Black Friday crowds that nightmares are made of?

Conversion is the sales process of the customer journey, it is the transaction portion where money exchanges hands between your new customer and your business.

Whether they do it in store, in app, or online, congratulations, you’ve received a new customer!

Every part of this experience will matter, as we will see in the phase of the customer journey, advocacy. How they experience your purchase (easy, frustrating, regret, excitement, etc…) will have a future impact not only on their status as a repeat customer, but the desire they have to share that experience with other potential customers.

Things to think about

When customers are in the conversion phase and ready ready to make a purchase, this is the time to let your customer service shine.

– Highly trained sales professionals to help your excited potential customers make the right purchase.

– Skilled store associates to ensure they checkout process is quick and easy.

– A chance to offer a customer loyalty program the encourages repeat business.

– Offer a warm thank you to end a positive customer experience.

– Send a follow up message asking how they like the product and a chance to leave a review.