Visual Visitor and WebID +Person Identification

As a business owner, it is imperative that you collect customer data. The more knowledge and information you have about your customers, the better you can serve them.

The problem, is that gathering that information has been difficult in the past.

 Even if a customer (or potential customer) visits your website, that doesn’t mean you know who it is or what they are after. Unless they sign up for your newsletter, you may never know who it is.

Sure, your business has a website hit, but how can you capitalize on their interest and follow up?

With Visual Visitor, a customer acquisition platform to give you everything you need to follow up with your future customers.

What Is Visual Visitor?

Simply put, Visual Visitor is a content based identification process that allows you to capture your visitors and turn them into qualified leads.

What data does Visual Visitor capture?

We can capture up to 37 points of data about your website visitor including:

– First and Last name
– Email address
– Age
– Gender
– Company
– Location
– How they found you
-Previous website visits
– Net worth
– And more

With this information, follow up becomes easy and effortless. You provide a customized, targeted follow up, and they get the benefit of your product or service.

How does it Work?

To keep it simple, Visual Visitor works in three main steps.

1.) We install the software on your website and begin capturing customer data.

2.) With an updated cookie policy (you know, those things we all agree to and never read) we gain consent to capture relevant customer data. [This keeps us compliant and your business out of trouble].

3.) We integrate into your CRM, newsletter, and other deliverables so you can offer highly relevant, specific, and targeted ads and follow up messages to your most idea clients.

This allows you to turn visitors into revenue and maximize your time, ad spend, and leverage your current operations into high yield events. 

How does this capture Consent?

Think of it this way: as a business owner, you meet lots of people at a networking event. You hit it off with a potential client and ask to follow up. When they say yes, you have consent.

The same is true online. We gather their consent to provide us with their data and by staying up to date with the latest privacy laws (including the California Consumer Privacy Act) we know that your customer’s data is secure and leveraged correctly.

You are now free to follow up with an email, special offer, one time coupon, or other method of your choice. With Visual Visitor, growing your client base has never been easier.