What is Reputation Management?

Simply put, reputation management managing how your company appears online in searches and reviews.

Search engine platforms put a lot of their ranking weight behind listing accuracy and reviews. The more (good) reviews, the better.

Which means that you need to make it a top priority to get reviews from your customers. Staying relevant on search engines like Google means that you’re more likely to retain existing customers while attracting new ones.

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Video Overview

The video provides an overview of Reputation Management Express, a tool for managing and improving online reputation. It explains the key features and functions of the dashboard:

1. Overview Page: – This is the landing page that offers a quick look at your business’s online reputation. – It includes a review summary, displaying your current star rating. – The Insights card highlights keywords used most frequently in online reviews. – It’s crucial to connect your Facebook and Google My Business accounts to pull in data, including online reviews.

2. Reviews Tab: – Online customer reviews significantly impact your business’s reputation and bottom line. – You can monitor reviews from Google and Facebook, with the option to upgrade to PRO for more sources. – The page displays your average aggregate rating and allows you to compare it to the industry average. – The top keyword section identifies trending keywords in your reviews, categorized as positive (green) or negative (red). – Responding to reviews, both positive and negative, is emphasized as a marketing opportunity. – The tool provides recommended response templates for easy, quick replies.

3. Review Display Widget Sub Tab: – This feature allows you to set up a review display widget on your website to showcase your best reviews from Facebook and Google. – You can customize and embed the widget easily.

4. Statistics Tab: – Provides insights into your business reviews over time. – Allows you to track changes in sentiment for specific keywords and view related customer feedback. – Helps you understand what customers love about your business and areas for improvement.

5. Listings: – Allows monitoring of your business listings on Google My Business and Facebook. – Upgrading to PRO enables monitoring of additional listings. – Ensures accurate and trustworthy business information across various listing sources.

6. Settings Tab: – Enables configuration of settings, including connecting Facebook and Google My Business accounts. – Allows customization of review response templates for PRO users.

Pro Features

7. Citations (PRO feature): – Displays smaller and hyperlocal industry-specific sites listing your business’s name and phone number. – Ensures the accuracy and trustworthiness of your business information.

8. Listing Statistics (PRO feature): – Provides an overview of listing accuracy over time. – Offers monitoring of multiple listing sources for PRO users.

9. Competition Tab (PRO feature): – Monitors your business’s presence on search engines and compares it with competitors. – Helps you benchmark your social media audience against competitors to assess your online visibility.

10. Mentions Tab (PRO feature): – Allows you to discover what people are saying about your business or industry across the web.

11. Social Tab (PRO feature): – Monitors likes and followers over time on social media platforms.

The video emphasizes the importance of managing online reputation, responding to reviews, and utilizing the tool’s features for a better online presence. It encourages users to upgrade to PRO for additional functionalities.

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